This page is an informal log of the noteworthy site changes.

20 Nov 06 Jessica's site is now on her own domain.
12 Dec 05 Spin off A Canary's-Eye View to its own domain.
4 May 03 Move to a new hosting service & spin off Ward's site, the Joy of Bears, and the Ashby UU site, all to their own domains.
20 Jan 01 Add Jessica's site & Wendy's blog to the Loud Zen home page.
3 Sep 00 Revamp all pages to use Cascading Style Sheets.
21 Jan 00 Move to a new hosting service, with file names now in all lower-case.
1 Sep 99 Add the two hands subtitle to the site name.
11 Jul 99 Update the registration link (see "InterNIC" below).
16 Jan 99 Add Catherine's SkyDancer, Canary, and Garden sites;
complete cosmetic makeover.
31 Aug 98 Add the First Parish Church site.
8 Jun 98 Add the Squanacook Cooperative site.
1 Aug 96 Add Catherine's site.
11 Jul 96 domain registered with InterNIC.
30 Jun 96 Add the Joy of Macs site.
Spring 96 Create Ward's site.

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